The big game reel that became a worldwide market leader has too many features to explain in a catalogue! It's the solid construction, in combination with easy to use features, that is loved by the most demanding big game fishermen. A one-piece machined aluminium frame, Cold forged aluminium spool, A-RB ball bearings, 2-speed gears, Twin Disk Drag system (on 16 size), elastomere grip and much more. This reel will play and tame the biggest fish with poise. The Tiagra A reel will give you confidence in your tackle, allowing you to concentrate on catching. Tiagra handle options The handle on any large multiplier is an important feature. At Shimano we use two different styles depending on the model you choose. TI12 and TI16 models feature Shimanos Ergonomic Power Handle (shown on product shot below), whilst larger models are kitted out with elastomere Crank Handles (above). Both are soft to the touch and offer the maximum in both grip and comfort, whilst giving you the maximum torque when winding in that fish of a lifetime.
  • key_feature_v1_m56577569830902654.png Cold Forged Aluminium spool
  • key_feature_v1_m56577569830902654.png Clicker System
  • bearings_v1_m56577569830930202.png 4/6 A-RB ball bearings
  • drag_type_v1_m56577569830930203.png Lever drag


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Product Specs

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Family Type Multiplier
Models 16, 20, 30, 30WLRS, 50WLRS, 80W
Bearings 4/6 A-RB
Handle Single steel power handle
Body material Machined aluminium
Spool material Cold forged aluminium
Waterproof drag Yes

Item code Weight (g) Gear ratio Line capacity (lb/yds) Bearings Line retrieve per crank (cm) Max drag (kg)
TI80WA 3266 2,5:1/1:1,3 80-950 4 A-RB 94/48 24
TI50WLRSA 2447 3,1:1/1:1,3 80-550 4 A-RB 94/38 20
TI30WLRSA 1576 3,9:1/1:1,7 30-935 / 50-570 4 A-RB 104/46 15
TI30A 1486 3,9:1/1:1,7 30-700 / 50-420 4 A-RB 104/46 15
TI20A 1409 3,9:1/1:1,7 20-690 / 30-470 4 A-RB 104/46 16
TI16 1077 3,9:1/1:1,7 16-980 / 20-670 / 30-430 6 A-RB 91/41 13