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Carp and specimen rods
Quick View tribal_ultra_a_v1_m56577569830908813.png Tribal Ultra A

The Shimano Tribal Ultra is built on a super slim blank with Shimano Steady Cast helping make this rod the ultimate casting tool.

Quick View tribal_xs1_intensity_v1_m56577569830908815.png Tribal XS1 - XS1 Intensity

The XS1 range offers peak performance with super slim yet responsive blanks. Test curves cover fish playing and 'Intensity' extreme distance models to suit any water.

Quick View tribal_diamond_v1_m56577569830908803.png Tribal Diamond

The HPC200 + Biofibre blank with diamond weave offers great casting performance across a wide range of models.

Quick View tribal_supressa_v1_m56577569830908812.png Tribal Supressa

The Supressa delivers a crisp but progressive action but on a low diameter blank. Beautiful to cast and play fish on and with versions to suit any water.

Quick View tribal_velocity_v1_m56577569830908814.png Tribal Velocity

The Shimano Tribal Velocity delivers unbelievable performance at an affordable price.

Quick View catana_cx_specimen_v1_m56577569830908712.png Catana CX Specimen

The Catana is a well-priced carp rod built on a XT40 carbon blank, that delivers a faultless progressive curve.

Quick View alivio_dx_specimen_v1_m56577569830908648.png Alivio DX Specimen

The Alivio DX Specimen exceptional quality and good looks but for excellent value for money.

Quick View tribal_distance_spod_v1_m56577569830908804.png Tribal Spod - Distance Spod

A range of Spod rods that compliment the Tribal rod range cosmetically. Available in various lengths and a Distance 'Intensity' model.

Quick View tribal_intensity_floater_v1_m56577569830908806.png Tribal Floater

The Tribal Floater is a special rod for anglers who want the best available tool for floater fishing at distance.

Quick View tribal_stalker_stc_v1_m56577569830908811.png Tribal Stalker - Stalker S.T.C.

The Stalker S.T.C is the perfect 'take anywhere' rod and can easily be left in your car without taking up any space.

Quick View tribal_stalker_v1_m56577569830908810.png Tribal Carp Stalker

The Stalker's characteristics include a stepped up action in order to deliver more power when required for snag fishing situations.

Quick View beastmaster_telescopic_v1_m56577569830908687.png BeastMaster Telescopic

The Beastmaster Telescopic is an easy to transport rod capable of landing monster catfish from both home and abroad.