Aernos Winckle Picker

For those anglers who prefer light feeder/ledger fishing on smaller waters and at close range, we have developed the Aernos Winckle Picker. These rods are light and very easy to use, which also makes them the perfect and logical choice for anglers looking to get acquainted with the feeder style fishing, but are not yet willing to commit fulltime to the sport. They come with 3 quiver tips to help detect even the most cautious bites.
  • blank_construction_v1_m56577569830909651.png XT60
  • guide_rings_v1_m56577569830909652.png Shimano stainless steel hardlite
  • reel_seat_v1_m56577569830909653.png VSS-type
  • grips_v1_m56577569830909649.png EVA & Cork


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Product Specs

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Rod type Feeder
Lengths 2,40m - 2,70m
Actions -
Blank material XT60
Reel seat VSS-type
Guide type Shimano stainless steel hardlite
Grip EVA & Cork
Packaging Cloth bag

Item code Length (m) Action Transport length (cm) Weight (g) Nr of guides Nr of sections Casting weight (g)
ARNSWP27 2.7 - 115 149 13 3 + 3 tips 40g
ARNSWP24 2.4 - 101 132 12 3 + 3 tips 40g